Community Project at Nanny's Education Zoo

“Kera and Ryan are so genuine and passionate about their mission, I knew we had to help any way we could”

We are so in love with Nanny’s Educational Zoo’s mission and cause! This non-profit organization rescues and rehabilitates local animals in need. When visiting Nanny’s you’ll find a cow named Ellie, horses, Mr. and Mrs. Peaches (a pair of cockatoos), mini goats, tortoises, Dewey the pony, guinea pigs, baby squirrels and a blind deer named Travis. In addition to all of the rescued animals, you will also meet Kera and Ryan, the owner’s of Nanny’s Zoo. They have two of the biggest hearts you will ever meet and they do an amazing job of making every single person who visits feel welcome. They are also experts on every animal at the zoo and will take their time to share all of their extensive knowledge with you.

Upon one of our recent visits we found Kera hard at work taking care of the animals, fixing fences and tending to the never ending maintenance list. They had just had a load of clay dropped off and needed help getting from the drop site to the  corral.  The clay was there to provide a dry area in the corral for the animals when it rained. We decided to go to the following weekend to help, and brought a team 10 volunteers, shovels in hand!

“Kera and Ryan are so genuine and passionate about their mission, I knew we had to help any way we could”

As we were moving the clay to the corral, Meghan and I noticed the roof over the corral was in disrepair and as soon as it rained again, the clay would get wet, too. We knew something had to be done to prevent all the work we just did from going to waste by the rain. 

We grabbed a some notebook paper and sketched out a plan to replace the structure over the corral and hopped in the truck to gather the supplies and tools. We ended up working the rest of the weekend building the new structure for the animals and it was so worth it! 

Next time you plan an outing with the kids, make sure to check out Nanny’s Educational Zoo. It’s a hands on experience the whole family will enjoy! 

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